Thursday, 16 February 2012

Cheese Pudding

I know soup is good for a winter day but I thought I would delve into the Puddings section of the cook book next.  The first page contains four recipes, each as stodgy as the last!  I will try and post the recipes in photo form too, but my camera is currently out of action.  So if it's cold and horrible where you are (as it is here) then dive in, forget the calories and enjoy!

Cheese Pudding
4oz best rice stewed gently in a pint of water for 1/2 hour.  At the end of that time pour in two pints of milk, add 3oz grated cheesea and season with salt and pepper.  Let all boil gently for another 1/2 hour and serve very hot.

I feel warmer all ready.  I have transcribed all the recipes as they are written, so any grammatical errors are not mine, Elizabeth would have written this book for her own use so would have used notation, or skipped words as she saw fit!

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